When all my kids were teenagers, and I still had a little one running amuck, mornings in my house could be EPIC! And by epic, I mean insane!

That’s because some of them were absolute chaos!

(Sorry, kids, for spilling the beans here !)

Everyone was struggling to get out of the house in time for work/school – with no plan or schedule.

At least once a week there would be a “clothing” emergency. There was a daily last-minute struggle to pack lunch, a school bag, and all the rest … as well as some yelling and sometimes even a few tears.

Not to mention fighting over the bathroom/shower. Or doing battle over the supper leftovers and last snack packs!

But back then, we didn’t laugh that much (especially when someone was late for the bus, school, work or wherever else they might be going).

It was a tough way to start the day! Until I finally got it together and started to impose some rules around setting up a morning routine so we could at least take the edge of the chaos. And it HELPED!

This is just ONE REASON I’m a fan of having a morning and evening routine. It can literally set you free from all that chaos!

It could mean the difference between stopping at a fast-food joint on the way to work … and having a freshly blended breakfast smoothie because all the ingredients were ready-to-go.

It could mean the difference between dragging your body “through the motions” … and feeling ENERGIZED to take on your day because you did a few minutes of stretching and movement before your shower.

It could mean the difference between waking up in “reaction” mode … and leading the day with intention and purpose.

It could mean the difference between heading out of the house with everyone screaming at each other and the house a disaster, and leaving having had a healthy breakfast, things in their place, and bidding everyone a nice day.

And it could also mean the difference between falling short on your health and fitness goals … and CRUSHING them.

It took me a while to figure this all out, though. I used to think routines were restrictive and stressful …  but now I know they are just the opposite. In factr, foir me they are a NON-NEGIATIABLE!

Routines that set you free:

1) are simple and

2) are tailored to fit YOUR life and goals.


This leads me to a great mini-assignment for you!

→ What are 1 to 3 small things you can do starting tonight – that take 5 minutes or less, TOPS to make tomorrow morning easier (and maybe even a little healthier)?


  • Lay out your clothes,
  • put your workout bag by the door,
  • prep your breakfast – or maybe help your children (if you have any in the house) do theirs?
  • Cook a little extra at dinner to have leftovers for lunches and get it all packed up while the kitchen is being cleaned uop at dinner time.

Now … tonight, make it happen!

To really ramp this up and make it a habit, do these things right after you eat dinner. That way they’re done and out of the way, and you can enjoy the rest of the evening and get some R&R.

Have an awesome day!