The other day I sent you an email about why your gut is SO important to your health because it impacts everything from your digestion, to your immune resilience, to your brain, to your heart and even your mood!

And in the wake of the corona pandemic, it’s even more important than ever to focus on your everyday wellness routine – and that includes your diet and your gut health!

Today I want to dive in a little deeper and explain exactly why it’s so important to eat REAL, WHOLE foods & why SUGAR and PROCESSED FOODS are BAD for your gut!

What was the last thing that you ate?

Here’s a fun question…

  • Will what you ate help feed the “good” bacteria in your gut?
  • …Or the “bad” bacteria that lives in there?

So many times we just focus on how what we eat affects our weight.

But there’s SO MUCH MORE at work here! And it’s all interconnected.

The “good” bacteria that live inside your gut need to eat, just like you do.

They love to nibble on insoluble fibers (aka “prebiotics”) that are tough enough to survive the trip through your stomach.

Meanwhile, the “bad” bacteria inside your gut thrive in a low-fiber environment with sugars, processed foods and grains, additives, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and fillers.

Experts theorize that when there’s not enough food for your good bacteria, they physically starve.

This gives the bad bacteria a chance to get a foothold, which can cause some major problems.

It all hinges on the lining of your gut.

This lining is actually a super important part of your immune system, because it forms a barrier between the food you eat and the rest of your body.

When this lining becomes too permeable (when the bad bacteria begin to take over) …  Toxins, bacteria, and even partially digested foods can “leak out” of your digestive system and make their way into your bloodstream. (this is called Leaky Gut!)

This can lead to inflammation and even trigger an immune system response. And you definitely don’t want that!

Over time, this can cause a whole host of problems like :

  • chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • migraines,
  • auto-immune diseases,
  • skin conditions,
  • and more.

This is why we always talk about eating whole, “clean” foods. Because when your gut is happy, it makes the rest of your body happy.

Like I mentioned earlier, the key to a healthy gut microbiome is BALANCE And this balance includes:

  • exercise,
  • sleep,
  • diet,
  • stress mastery,
  • and more.

Now more than ever, balance is SO IMPORTANT to keeping you (and the people you care for!) healthy and strong.

If you’re ready to make a change in your wellness routine, creating balance is the thing to do.

Need help with achieving that balance…

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Have an amazing day focusing on your gut health!



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About the Author: Christina Della Rocca, n.d.

Christina Della Rocca is a multi-disciplinary Health Coach with over 20 years of experience in the fields of health, fitness, and wellness.

One of Montreal’s leading wellness professionals, Christina has been featured on Montreal AM live, RDS television, CHOM FM, CJAD, Mountain City Rock, and Trends Magazine.  Founder and Director of EXERCISE PLUS A Wellness Company that brings health & Fitness programs to companies in and around the Montreal area., Christina is a leading Corporate Wellness Specialist.