What if I told you that there are powerful forces at work telling you what to eat – without you even knowing it.

And what if I also told you that these forces are influencing your choices every day … from INSIDE YOUR BODY!

No, I am not talking about advertising or some super-secret conspiracy group! I’m talking about your GUT MICROBIOME.

You have trillions of bacteria living inside you that make up a huge part of your immune system. They also perform a lot of other important functions (like helping your body digest food). 

And do you know what? All of these hundreds of different types of bacteria EACH have their own favorite kinds of food! 

For example, some bacteria want fatty foods, while others prefer sweet.

Research is now showing that these bacteria want their host (i.e., YOU!) to eat those foods. And apparently they can signal to your brain to make you eat them.


You can see how this would have an impact on your food cravings.

Scientists are still in the process of figuring all this out. But, the good news is the turnover rate of your gut bacteria is pretty fast. 

That means if you change up your diet so you don’t eat foods preferred by a specific organism, chances are you’ll have fewer of them (and fewer desires for that food).

Researchers say there are measurable changes in a gut microbiome based on your food choices within 24 hours!

So if you are bothered by cravings for sweets or junk food, try “gutting it out” for a day or two to see if your cravings diminish.

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