I’ve got a quick one for you today that might just change how you look at certain foods!

Especially your craving-trigger foods. Which, if you’re like a lot of people, you try your best to avoid thinking about at all!

Have you ever had someone tell you NOT to think about something? 

Like, right now: Don’t think about cute, cuddly kittens. 

Chances are, you pictured a kitten, right? 

The same thing can happen when you suddenly banish foods from your diet because they are “bad.” 

Research shows trying to suppress thoughts about certain foods can actually intensify your cravings!

One technique that researchers recommend instead is to focus on the EFFECTS of eating those foods.

For example, how do they make you feel AFTER you eat them? 

Do they give you a headache or stomachache? How is your mood afterward? What is your energy level like afterward?

AND … if you’re a nighttime snacker, what will eating those foods close to bedtime do to your sleep … and how will you feel tomorrow?

The truth is, most of the foods we crave might taste good in the moment, but they don’t feel so great after. 

So instead of trying NOT to think about eating pizza …. what about thinking about how you’re going to feel AFTER you eat the pizza? 

Try this strategy, and you may just make a different decision next time.

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Make it a great day,


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