How Exercise Impacts Gut Health – Part 4

How Exercise Impacts Gut Health – Part 4

You already know that exercise is good for you, right? It’s proof that everything is related when it comes to a healthy lifestyle!

Exercise boosts your immune system, which is more important than ever right now, cuts your stress, and is good for your sleep, your mood, your muscles, your heart, etc… etc…

Well … we can’t forget the countless ways it’s also good for your gut! And your gut works to help all of those processes too.

It all goes together! In keeping with our gut theme this month, I’ve got some tips for you!

We’ve heard for years that getting some light exercise, like a walk,  right after you eat is good for you. 

Not only does it help food move through your stomach as much as 30% faster, it helps balance your blood sugar. And because it keeps your digestive system moving along, you’ll likely be more “regular” in the bathroom.

But there’s even more…

Exercise also helps you build up more good bacteria in your gut. Not only do you have MORE good bacteria, but more different TYPES of bacteria! 

This is important in keeping a balanced and healthy digestive system. As I’ve mentioned over the past couple weeks, a big part of your immune system is in your gut.

Researchers at the University of Illinois tested the microbiomes of adults who didn’t exercise regularly, and then put them through an exercise routine that had them doing 30-60 minutes of cardio 3 times a week.

After 6 weeks, the study participants had MORE good bacteria in their gut! 

In particular, they had more microbes that help produce short-chain fatty acids, which reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases, obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Pretty cool, right?

What happened when they STOPPED their exercise routine?! 

Well their gut microbiomes went back to their old, pre-exercise condition.

That’s even more reason to make regular, planned exercise part of your daily routine!

Here’s the takeaway:

Make time for exercise! Finding a way to stay consistent with your workouts can make such a difference for your long-term well-being and health!

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate – when you can’t squeeze in a regular workout, make it a priority to go outside for a brisk walk! This will also help you make exercise a habit, which over time will make it even easier to stick with your routine.

Wellness is a lifestyle choice – one that pays off with more vibrant energy and resilience!




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